How often should I use Noor mask?

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Is the aroma as strong a scented candle or air freshener?

Where do I place the oil if there is no tray above the water?

Is a ZAQ diffuser the same as a humidifier?

How much humidity does a ZAQ diffuser produce?

Do ZAQ diffusers leave condensation on the counter or surrounding surface?

Does the mist leave oil stains on the surrounding surfaces?

Are Zaq diffusers BPA-free?

Are ZAQ diffusers compatible with citrus oils and other essential oils, blends, and fragrances?

Are ZAQ diffusers worldwide voltage or compatible with 220/240V?

How do you use the ZAQ diffusers?

Can you use the diffuser with the light off?

Is it battery powered or plug in?

How often should you clean the diffuser?

My ZAQ diffuser sometimes stops working with water still inside. Do I have a bad diffuser?

If I turn the diffuser off when the tank still has water and essential oils in it, can I reuse what’s in the tank?

Do ZAQ diffusers make noise while operating?

Can I use tap water to fill the reservoir in my diffuser?

How much water does a diffuser hold?

How many square feet does the diffuser cover?

How long will the diffuser run before it shuts off?

Will the diffuser keep running once it runs out of water?

Does the diffuser mist continuously?

Can I set a timer on ZAQ diffusers so that they only spray every 15 minutes, for example?

Do ZAQ diffusers get hot when in use?

What is the average lifespan of a ZAQ diffuser?

What is the standard warranty on ZAQ diffusers?

What should I do if my diffuser isn’t working?

Where are ZAQ diffusers made?


Do ZAQ diffusers come with essential oils?

Can you use any brand of essential oil or just ZAQ essential oils?

How much essential oil should you use?

Can you mix essential oils in the diffuser?

How long does one bottle of ZAQ essential oil last?

What are the best essential oils to use?

Are ZAQ Essential Oils 100% pure?