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ZAQ Eucalyptus 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Quick shop


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ZAQ Lavender Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Quick shop


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ZAQ 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil Quick shop


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100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil Quick shop


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ZAQ Sweet Orange Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Quick shop

Sweet Orange

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ZAQ Tea Tree Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Quick shop

Tea Tree

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ZAQ Balance Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend Quick shop

Balance Blend


ZAQ Clarity Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Quick shop

Clarity Blend


ZAQ Protect Blend Compare to Thieves Blend Quick shop

Protect Blend


Regeneration Blend Quick shop

Regeneration Blend


Riches Blend Quick shop

Riches Blend


Tranquility Blend Quick shop

Tranquility Blend




Custom 3-Pack Quick shop

Custom 3-Pack

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Gift Set-6 Pack

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Always consult with your doctor before using essential oils to treat symptoms of medical illness or issues.
Essential oils and aromatherapy are not replacements for medical treatment.


All ZAQ essential oils are developed with the highest quality ingredients to create unique and distinct scents designed to invoke memories, inspire emotions, and create an inviting atmosphere.
The ZAQ Basic Collection includes six 10ml bottles of luxury essential oils including lavender, lemon, orange, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree

"Zaq diffusers to me are very aesthetically pleasing. They have a number of different models with a number of different looks and each one is a little piece of art in itself. Its a nice addition to any place you want to put in your home. Essentials oils and aromatherapy improve everyone’s quality of life in a simple way and everyone deserves that."

New to essential oils? Receive three new essentials oils - two pure and one blend - once every three months with our Essential Oil subscription plan. Made from the aromatic essences of plants, our essential oils have a remarkable ability to improve your well-being and the environment around you. With this subscription plan, you can explore the many essential oils we offer and achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. PLACE A QUARTERLY SUBSCRIPTION

The two main components of our ZAQ aromatherapy experience are our essential oils and our diffusers.

Essential oils are made from flowers, plants and other elements grown in nature (not a lab) and they are proven to have a positive influence on your mind, body and soul. Each essential oil has a different effect, so you can select your favorites based on scent OR on what you need that day. Feeling a bit blue or in a funk? Plug some orange essential oil in your diffuser and let the uplifting citrus put the spring back in your step. Or perhaps you have a huge project due, but you’re having trouble staying focused – the minty, fresh scent of peppermint will keep your mind from wandering.

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