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We’d love to hear from you! As a successful business owner, you take pride in the products you sell to your customers. Your customers and clients want to live life to the fullest, to be healthy and happy all year long, which is exactly what we work to provide.

ZAQs products are part of a new, holistic lifestyle called aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is an easy way to set a mood, stimulate “cognitive function” and make you feel good mentally and physically. There are three different ways to experience aromatherapy: diffusing essential oils into the air with a fine mist, inhaling essential oils from the bottle or on a cloth, and applying the essential oils directly to the skin.

ZAQ specializes in diffusers and offers a selection of essential oils. Our diffusers are BPA free and made with safe, health-friendly materials. We have a wide selection of 15 diffusers available, each with a unique design that caters to every taste and décor. Take a peek at our line of diffusers.


ZAQ offers very competitive rates, earning you 25% – 35% of sales.
Our minimum order requirements are quite low, at only 6 units minimum per purchase order and you can mix and match different styles.
All ZAQ's diffusers come with a 1 Year Limited Warranty and support from the ZAQ team.
We offer free shipping within the 48 lower states in the USA
ZAQ diffusers are BPA free and made with safe, health-friendly materials.


ZAQ Wholesale Program - If you love our diffusers why not become a wholesaler, we make it simple. Will give you a multi-purchase discount of x% with a minimum purchase of x units which you can markup to full value. You don't have to keep excessive inventory, and you can start selling immediately.
Minimum order quantity: 6 or more units

White Label ZAQ Products - Why not take it to the next level, create your own brand, and we will sell you the product(s) that you want with your own private label. We offer custom logo imprints on any of our existing diffusers.
Minimum order quantity: 1000 units

Design Your Own - The ultimate experience for the experienced aromatherapy reseller. Work directly with our product engineers to design your own line(s) of diffusers. You've probably been in the aromatherapy field for some time, and you've got some great ideas about the ultimate diffuser(s).
Minimum order quantity: 1000 units

Promote Your Brand with a Custom Diffuser

ZAQ offers custom private labels and original designs to our retailers. We provide the opportunity to create:
Private label under which you can sell our diffusers.
Custom logo imprints on any of our existing diffusers.
New diffuser design to complement your brand.

Sign up Here for our Wholesale Program. We are currently not accepting any Amazon resellers.